how we got here

BloomHQ is an initiative of the Mountrath Community Forum. In 2017 the Convent and its grounds were donated by the Bridgidine Sisters of Mountrath (absolute legends!!), to be held in trust for the long term benefit of the local community.

Working in tandem with the Siol Foundation, the facility is being developed by the Community Forum into a financially self sustaining enterprise for the benefit of all.

our mad idea

We all know the world is getting smaller and smaller with the advent of technology and communications. Everyone working in big population centers presents significant problems - traffic congestion, high rents, travel costs and limited access to housing & education for children.

We figure that if people can access a high quality working space, in a location where education and housing are plentiful, people will come back into the heart of their own community. We want people to work, live and spend locally.


Mountrath Community Forum

Established in 2015, the Mountrath Community Forum wish to serve the people of the district by promoting the business and cultural life of the locality by working in partnership with existing groups and advocating for funding for projects that benefit all.

Mountrath means business

With the launch of bloomHQ in 2019 we have kicked off a new business group, which is a sub-committee of the Community Forum. The business group will base itself in bloomHQ and meet regularly to work toward building the local economy for everyones benefit.